Community Support

Community support is provided to individuals to maintain stability, independence and wellness in their daily community living.   Our staff serves as the primary coordinator of behavioral health services and will provide linkage to the community:  resources, mental health wellness activities, and psychiatric, addiction, medical services crisis prevention and intervention services.

Listed below are a few of the activities of the community support services:

  • Assistance in development and coordination of Individual Recovery Plan
  • Support and intervention in crisis situations
  • Assistance in the development of behavioral healthcare
  • Individualized intervention such as:
  1. Identification of strengths
  2. Recovery support
  3. Support to maintain recovery
  4. Development of interpersonal, community coping and functional skills
  5. Encouraging the development and eventual succession of natural supports in home, workplace and other environment.
  6. Assistance in monitoring skills, illness self-management skills, wellness skills and habits e.g. symptom management, behavioral management, relapse prevention skills, knowledge of medication and side effects and motivational/skills development in taking medication.

Services are provided by Mental Health Professionals, Certified Peer Specialist, Paraprofessional and certified substance abuse counselors.