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Our Approach

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a therapeutic intervention, and is geared to assist individual in identifying and resolving personal, social, vocational, intra-personal and interpersonal skills.   Services are performed to achieve the individual specific goals as documented in his/her Individualized Treatment Plan. These services address goals/issues such as promoting recovery restoration, development, enhancement or maintenance of:

  1. a) illness and medication management and side effects,

knowledge and skills in symptom management, behavioral management, relapse prevention skills in taking medication as prescribed.

  1. Problem solving and cognitive skills
  2. Healthy coping mechanisms
  3. Adaptive behaviors and skills
  4. Behavioral problems
  5. Anxiety and depression
  6. Relationship issues
  7. Knowledge regarding mental illness, substance related disorders and other relevant topics that assist in meeting the individual or the support system’s needs.

Services are provided by a Licensed Certified Professional at least once a week.

Individual Therapy